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I teach English Language Arts and Social Studies in Learning Center B2.1.  Below you will find an overview of our most current units of study.  I try my best to update my webpage daily, so if you are absent or need a reminder about homework, please look below!  Also, at the bottom you will find any attachments that I am able to upload to my page (parent letters, study guides, handouts, homework assignmnets, etc). 

I am really looking forward to a great year ahead!!

Please feel free to email me with any questions/concerns at adamsona@portsmouthschoolsri.org


English Language Arts

    • Our third unit of study in writing is our informational unit.  Students will work hard during this unit to write an informational book on the American Revolution.  Their first chapter will give an overview of the war.  The remaining three chapters will focus on a topic of their choice related to the revolution.  Students will bring together all the research skills/techniques they have learned and use what works best for them.  For two works prior to the start of this unit, students read a lot about the revolution and built the necessary background knowledge they needed to go into this.

    • Our third unit of study in reading is our biography unit.  Students will be exposed to a variety of picture book biographies and will practice identifying the person's traits, wants, struggles, accomplishments, etc.  Students will also take part in another round of book clubs with the "Who Was?" book series.  The culminating activity for this unit will be our wax museum!  The idea behind this is that students pick a famous person that they want to learn more about.  They will read a chapter book about the person and take notes.  Using the notes they took, students will prepare a two minute speech they will deliver the day of the museum.  In addition, they will dress the part and prepare a tri-fold that will serve as their background.  This event is always a big hit! 

    • Language Arts during this quarter will be on a rotation of one week of spelling followed by two weeks of grammar.  Both the spelling and grammar will be done in small, differentiated groups.  These groups are flexible and students can be moved around at any point in time. 



 Social Studies

  • Our unit of study this quarter will be a combination of the American Revolution and civics and government.  The study of the revolution will prepare students for their informational books.  From there, they will study tcitizenship, the branches of government, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, as well as other aspects of government. 

Week of April 27, 2015
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