Content can be taught according to students' readiness. There are many ways to determine a student's readiness:

Ways to Determine Readiness: Before, During and After Instruction
Before During After

Progress Monitoring Tools: Some progress monitoring tools can be found at the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring .

  Summative Assessments: Tests/Quizzes/Unit Exams/Final Papers/Projects

Informal Reading Inventories (IRI's): DRA, DAR, QRI-4 Conferring (One-on-One/Small Group) Reflection Journals/Blogs 

 Standardized Assessments: GMRT and    NECAP    

Curriculum Based Measures (CBM's): Some CBMs can be found on the RTI SharePoint Files--COMING SOON!

"Thumps-Up, Thumbs Down"

  Activating Strategies


  Exit Slips/3-2-1 Slips

"Stop and Jots"

"Fist to Five"

"Status of the Class"  


Red/Yellow/Green Base-Ten Blocks Summarizing Stragegies

(Please refer to the "Attachments" box below to be directed to sample lesson plans that use these strategies.)