Welcome to the Life Skills class at

Portsmouth Middle School!



Welcome to the Life Skills classroom. The classroom is a classroom based program for students with significant needs. The classroom supports communication, socialization, emotional regulation, along with the core academics at Portsmouth Middle School. Learning opportunities are modified for each students learning abilities.Students are integrated with their peers as much as possible while supporting the least restrictive environment for each individual student.

At home students can help the family on basic emergency skills, functional vocabulary, and social communication skills. Students can work on recognizing name, address, and phone numbers. They can also work on interaction skills such as greeting skills and other daily directions. Please have them be active participants with life skills experiences that occur daily within your family. Exposing your child to different and favorite social situation will be a benefit to their social emotional development.  Please read and practice writing skills along with computer/Ipad skills when ever possible. Thank you for being apart of your child's learning experience! I look forward meeting you! Sincerely, Teresa McGinnis, P.M.S.

My email is:mcginnist@portsmouthschoolsri.org