Welcome to First Grade

Mrs. Divoll's Classroom 

  November 2015


 Tumble Books



Important Dates, Events and Information

 Journey Day  is every Friday:)






Daily Reading and Math

Reflex Math  15 minutes - Goal is 3X week more if motivated

Raz Kids  15-20 minutes daily reading (These titles may be added to your Journey Log.)


Weekly phonics and word study

 Trick Words

Weekly Words. Hang them on the fridge for daily 2 minute practice, looking for automaticity, no hesitation or sounding. Confident readers work on spelling. Children who have mastered the first 100 move on to the second grade list.




Hathaway students were introduced to this program last year in K.

Teaching that supports the Common Core State Standards in reading , writing, speaking, listening and language.

At the beginning of each unit the children will continue to bring home a letter explaining what we are working on in class. It will include homework that supports our daily teaching. The children use these skills to read and write many new words.


We use Lucy Caulkins the writing guru for children to introduce the class to our writing units of study. This month we will be writing Narratives. Young children have many experiences they draw from when sharing with others. Through the writing process they are taught how to ...

Math, Envisions

Topic 1

Addition: Numbers to 10

Making 6,7,8 and 9

Adding in any order: 5+4 and 4+5 have the same sum of 9


Practice math fact fluency thru 5; 2+3 =, 1+4 =, then 10. How quickly can your child respond? (NO FINGERS) Reflex Math reinforces practice and play fun games in the process:)


During the year we experiment with hands on activities using the science program Fusion to supplement out learning.

Current Unit of Study, Air and Weather



Unified Arts Schedule

Monday PE *

Tuesday Art

Wednesday  Library

Thursday PE *

Friday Music

Open Circle and Yoga

 * Children must wear sneakers to participate in PE 


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  Educational Websites 

Reflex Math / Link http://www.reflexmath.com/

Raz-Kids - Reading





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starfall - http://www.starfall.com

TumbleBooks - Students can access this program by www.portsmouthschoolsri.org

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