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Joel DeMarco Physical Education & Health Teacher

Hi, I teach health and physical education to our 10th graders as well as our fitness class here at the high school. 



    Health Physical Education

Course Syllabus Portsmouth High school


Instructors:    Joel DeMarco,



Phone Number:   683-2124 


Room Numbers:  Gym, E-8, E-9    


Semester:   Fall 14 


Department Philosophy:

The purpose of a comprehensive Health & Physical Education Curriculum is to assist each student to achieve wellness.  The focus of the program is to provide all students with the knowledge and skills needed to make independent and responsible decisions to meet the challenges of a changing society.  A comprehensive Health Education Curriculum also develops skills for daily living and prepares students for present and future roles in society.


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote and foster the concepts and skills needed to acquire and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle for the betterment of self and others in a fast paced, technological, and sedentary society.

Department Goals:

1. To encourage and foster students to accept responsibility for their learning.

2. To provide situations, activities, and opportunities for students to practice and develop health and wellness enhancing skills.

3. To promote the students development of teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, and communication skills.

4. To engage students in research, problem solving, goal-setting, critical thinking, and decision-making activities to promote and enhance knowledge related to health and wellness.

5. To foster students understanding, tolerance, and respect for themselves and others.

6. To provide students with opportunities and activities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.

7. To provide and promote opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop and encourage the implementation of a lifelong personal health and wellness plan.



Course Outline:

Week  1

10th Softball/ 11th Football

Week 11

10thCardio. Disease/11 health career

Week 2

10th Softball/ 11th Football

Week 12

10th CPR/AED/11th STD's

Week 3

10th Tennis/ 11th Football

Week 13

10th & 11th Dating violence

Week 4

10th Tennis/ 11th Football

Week 14

10th & 11th Disease Prevention

Week 5

10th Basketball/ 11th Lacrosse

Week 15

10th Badminton/11th Volleyball

Week 6

10th Floor hockey/ 11th Rec. Games

Week 16

10th Badminton/11th Volleyball

Week 7

10th Rec. Games/11th Floor hockey

Week 17

10th Basketball/11th Archery

Week 8

10th Volleyball/11th Badminton

Week 18

10th&11th Fitness unit

Week 9

10th  Volleyball/11th Badminton

Week 19

10th & 11th   Fitness Unit

Week 10

10th Goal unit/11th Health Careers

Week 20

10th & 11th   Fitness Unit

*Subject to change depending on weather

Grading Scale

Area   Percentage

Performance Assessment   40%

Tests   10%

Quizzes  10%

Projects  20%

Written   10%

Skill Progression 10%


Make-up Policy:  The student is responsible for the arrangement of make-up work with his/her instructor. Make -up work must be completed 5 school days prior the close of grades.