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Below you will find resources for the courses I am teaching this year:

1. PreAP Chemistry (Chemistry: The Central Science)

2. Chemistry (Pearson Chemistry) See below, box for each unit resources

The attachments and resources below are useful for ALL CHEMISTRY Classes:

  • Syllabus or Course Instruction Management Plan (includes grading, course objectives, helpful information, etc.)

  • Calendars (Chemistry Calendars are with Chemistry units listed below)

  • How to set up a lab report and a conclusion

  • A link to the  RI-itest computer activities 

  • How to look up the Safety & Disposal of Chemicals for labs

  • Homework resources and videos

  • A link to Chemmatters Magazine for Chemistry in the News

  • Click on the left for all Science Fair Information

  • Click on the left PreAP Chemistry specific resources

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Click below to read the Chemmatters Article: Where do Chemical Elements Come From?


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All Chemistry Units are listed below:

Chemistry Unit 1.1 Physical & Chem Properties

Chemistry Unit 2.1 Structure of the Atom/Atomic Particles