Welcome to Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Grimes' Second Grade   

Literacy is the study of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  The skills being addressed are comprehension , accuracy , fluency , and expanding vocabulary As we introduce and practice strategies, we will post them on this website for you to reinforce at home with your child.

Our word study each week will teach and reinforce phonetic concepts to improve decoding accuracy, enhance fluency, and increase comprehension. We will update our classroom news and weekly homework in the attachment below.  Please encourage you child to enjoy the Dreambox website to help reinforce and strengthen math skills. 



During our Read to Self or independent reading time  we are introducing and practicing many comprehension strategies.


  • Check for Understanding   - "Do I understand what I just read?"
  • Visualization - " Can I make a picture in my mind as I read the words?"
  • Use Schema to connect with the text  - Use what I already know to help me understand what I read
  • Back Up and Reread - Read the text again to ensure understanding

Students are improving their decoding and fluency skills as they independently use "Accuracy  & Fluency Strategies".  Ask your child to demonstrate each of the strategies below. 

  • Tap out the word
  • Tap, Blend, Reread
  • Use the Pictures
  • Use Beginning and Ending Sounds
  • Chunk Letters and Sounds
  • Cross Checking
  • Flip the Sound
  • Skip the word - then go back
  • Practice Sight Words & Trick Words
  • Take off the Suffix 

  We continue to  encourage students to take responsibility for selecting appropriate books and monitoring their understanding as they read. We have introduced the acronym I P I C K to help students  select books that are a "good fit."  

I   choose a book

P urpose - Why do I want to it?    

I nterest - Does it interest me?

C omprehend - Am I understanding what I am reading?

Know - I know most of the words

Bouchey, Gail and Joan Moser. 2006 . The Daily Five



Three important themes that will be ongoing this year:

  1. Computational Fluency: Through games and activities students will develop efficient computation strategies with the addition combinations from 1+1 to 10+10.   Our goal is to have students be automatic with Facts to 10 ( 1+9, 2+8, etc), Doubles (6+6, 7+7, etc), Near-Doubles (5+6, 7+8, etc), Plus 10 combinations (10+4, 5+10, etc), and Other Combinations (4+8, 7+5, etc).
  2. Place Value: Children will recognize that the first digit of a 2-digit number designates the number of groups of 10 and the second digit designates the number of ones. We will be using coins, ten rods and ones, games and activities to help make this critical shift in their thinking.  We want to shift them from working primarily in 1s, to thinking and working with groups of 10.
  3. How Can You Help? Here are two links that the children have been using in class and on the Smartboard:



Students experience a hands-on, inquiry approach to science. They will be learning about:

  • Physical Properties
  • Earth Materials
  • Energy
  • Life Cycles
  • Ecosystems




Community Building

We have created a Class Promise that focuses on the importance of respect and how we show it in and out of the classroom. 

We also have our Open Circle meetings twice a week.  These lessons focus on social competency skills, which enhance their social and emotional development. Some of these lessons include: 

  • Getting to know you activities
  • How to join in
  • Using & Interpreting nonverbal signals
  • How to handle annoying behaviors
  • Using calm breathing
  • Identifying Dangerous & Destructive behaviors
  • Giving & Receiving Compliments
  • Speaking Up
  • Teasing
  • Bullying
  • Group Membership
  • Problem Solving Strategies