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I am the speech/language therapist at Hathaway Elementary School,working with students from grade K-5. I  work with students  who have many different types of communication challenges. These include articulation (speech sound production), word and sentence structure, word finding, figurative language, fluency (stuttering), pragmatics(understanding social cues,social language), hearing impairment and many others.

This web page is a work in progress and will be expanded in the future. If you would like to contact me with questions regarding speech and/or language, you may contact me at 683-0500 Ext. 4035 or jankowskia@portsmouthschoolsri.org .



The Language & Literacy Connection

Language is the foundation for literacy. 

 Children who have problems acquiring language are at high risk not only for developing listening and speaking skills but also reading and writing skills. 

Speech-Language Pathologists identify communication problems, including specific speech and language problems, and provide the help that children need to build the language skills that provide the foundations for literacy.



1. What is the difference between "speech" and "language? "

The short answer is:

"Speech" is considered to include things such as speech sound production   ( articulation), voice quality, and fluency (stuttering is a "dysfluency"). "Language" at the very basic level includes things like vocabulary/concepts, word structure, and sentence structure.

It gets more complicated, as the application of knowledge of word and sentence structure and vocabulary is seen in language tasks like following directions, categorizing, making associations,  understanding multiple meanings, making inferences, understanding figurative language (examples: idioms like "full of baloney"), to name just a few.