Mr. Steinmetz's 7th Grade C-2 Math Page

Course Website

All information about 7th Grade C-2 Math at Portsmouth Middle School, including daily homework assignments, can be found on Mr. Steinmetz’s Portsmouth School District Website.        

Curriculum Website

Our entire DIGITS math curriculum is published online.  This includes the actual lessons that we will go over in class as well as homework assignments.  Every student will be given an ID and Password at the beginning of the year.  See me if you have any issues with this website:

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Course Materials

Every student is expected to bring the following materials to Math class every single day:

  • Three Ring (1 or 1.5 inch) Math Binder
  • DIGITS Student Companion
  • Pencils (mechanical preferred) and Erasers - No Pens, please!
    • We need to erase our mistakes.
  • Calculator
    • If your child needs a school calculator, please email me.


  • Homework will be assigned almost every night in C-2 Math.  It is expected that you complete the homework every night.  Daily homework assignments can be found on Mr. Steinmetz’s Portsmouth School District Website.  There is no excuse for missing homework.  Homework is practice.  We will go over the assignment and it will be checked for completion at the beginning of every class period.
  • ALL PAPERS must be turned in with work shown for full credit.


All grades must be earned in math class.  Your grade is simply the total of the points that you earn during the school year on homework, classwork, participation, tests, and quizzes.  All grades are kept up to date on ASPEN.  If you ever have a question about your grade or an assignment, message me on ASPEN, email me, or see me before or after school.



Mr. Steinmetz