Mrs. Heffernan's 7th & 8th Grade Art, 4th grade Media/Library, and 4th Grade Art


Grade 7 Curriculum Overview

  Grade 7 has art twice a rotation for a semester.  They will receive two quarters of art.  The art lessons in grade seven focus on line as an emphasis and also build upon the elements of art and the principles of design such as pattern, rhythm, color, shape form unity, and texture.  Students will begin their art experience by utilizing the elements and principles of design to create an optical illusion of space, volume, and/or movement.  Other key lessons in the seventh grade include printmaking, perspective and recycled sculpture.

Students in the seventh grade are also asked to keep a sketchbook for all in-class sketches and also at home home sketchbook assignments.  One sketchbook assignment will be due every week on the second meeting day of that week.  The assignments are based on creativity, following criteria, neatness, and effort.  Each assignment is worth 10 points.  If the student does not have the assignment on the due date then they have until the next art class to bring it in for full credit or it is a zero.

Grade 8 Curriculum Overview

  The grade 8 art curriculum proves to be a culmination of art concepts, artists, mediums, and art making that students have acquired throughout their middle school art experience as well as new additional materials, concepts, and techniques that will prepare them for high school.  Students in 8th grade will have art twice a rotation for two quarters, a half year of art.

  During the first quarter students will focus on the fine arts portion of our curriculum.  In the first multi-phase lesson, students will be creating a radiating rpeat pattern that is inspired by Azulejo Portugese tiles.  Students will develop drawing skills, the ability to simplify and abstract familiar designs as well as gain further understanding of color theory and mixing paint.  In their second project, students will continue to develop drawing skills with an emphasis in line.  Students will utilize many line types to create form and space in a foam printing lesson.  Students will continue on to ink and print their plates in a small edition.

During the second half of the class students will rotate between Ceramics and Graphic Arts.  While exploring the medium of clay, they will use hand building techniques to create a functional ceramic piece that will convey a message to the viewer.  Along with the hand building, students will have the opportunity to use a pottery wheel to prepare them for ceramics class in high school.

In the Graphic Arts portion of the curriculum students will use Macintosh computers to explore the medium of Graphic Design.  Students will learn techniques such as layering, altering, and creating imagery that can advertise and/or convey a meaning while preparing them for a more advanced study at the high school level.


Grade 4 Curriculum Overview

The visual arts program for the fourth grade at the Middle School builds on the knowledge of concepts and skills learned at the elementary level.  The fourth grade has art one day of each 6 day rotation for the whole school year.

  The lessons in this class will allow students to work with various art mediums such as; oil pastel, paint, colored pencil, clay, mixed media, etc.  During these lessons we will also build on and develop knowledge of techniques such as; painting, shading, observational drawing, value, weaving, creating collage, building three-dimensional objects, etc.  In addition to these mediums and techniques, students will be introduced to various cultures and time periods of the Arts.