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This website is designed to give information about upcoming science assignments and events.

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The  7th grade science curriculum focuses on earth, physical and life sciences. Throughout the year students will be focusing on multiple topics to meet the Science Grade Span Expectations. The main topics we will be addressing are:

* Ecosystems and energy flow

* Properties of matter

* Heat transfer

* Earth and space

Student science skills will be developed through laboratory investigation, hands on activities, cooperative learning, independent work,projects and discussions. Student assessment will be done through tests, quizzes,labs,projects, class work and homework.

Materials Needed for class:

1. pencil

2. compostion notebook

3. two-pocket folder

4. planner

5. science text book


Date       Class Work           Homework      

We are in the process of moving to a new web page if you have any questions about homework or classwork please contact Mrs. Pita at pital@portsmouthschoolsri.org or Mrs. Gendreau at gendreaum@portsmouthschoolsri.org directly. 



USERNAME:  lunch code

PASSWORD:  lunch code


The online text book is "Electronic Student Edition"


JASON:  www.jason.org

Username:  first name, last name (all lower case)  i.e johnsmith

Password:  science

Security Question and Answer:  "What is your favorite subject?"  science


BrainPop:  www.brainpop.com

Username:  pmslmc

Password:  pmslmc

Science Fair Information

Project Ideas:

These websites are intended to be used for ideas only.  Exact Focus Questions or experiments cannot be taken from these resources.  Students are expected to create a unique focus question and design an experiment with a procedure.



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