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Students and parents...welcome to Ms. Bisbano's webpage. I use this page to post blog topics to respond to, and for items that may apply to all classes. I have switched all my assignments to Aspen pages. If you have any problems downloading from Aspen pages, remember to use Google Chrome. If you don't have chrome, click on compatability view in Internet Explorer to have downloads that work in the format they were designed to work in.

I am available to answer your questions, and you can email me at and I will answer the next business day.

In case of an emergency, you may also call my home number which you will find on the syllabus/instructional management plan for each class (attached to each class' box below). Please leave a message on my home phone if I am not at home and I will try to return your call as soon as I am able.

This year I am teaching English 12 Academic (co-taught with Mrs. Lepore), English 10 Honors,  and Creative Writing.

English 12 Academic

For college, I suggest that all of you create your own academically-focused website with professional email address and links using your PHS googledrive. You should upload your work (read-only documents or pdfs, of course) to your site. It will be a great tool for the world of employment. This site should not be facebook or the like, not be chatty, not be casual and not be loaded with silly pictures. This site should be academic and professional to a fault!

  • Access Senior Project.
  • See Aspen pages for all documents as applicable and be sure to be following quarter calendars.
  • Turn in your annotations to




English 10 Honors

See Aspen pages for all items! This webpage will be used for the blog feature only.

Creative Writing :

I am creating an Aspen page for the class, but some keen links below!

Check the link on poetry soup below for examples... super keen and terrific! 

Many thanks to Poet Laureate of Nassau County Long Island, LINDA OPYR for visiting PHS in 2009.  Check out the link below to view her reading her work:

Check out the above on Laurie Anderson giving a commencement address!


Here is the class participation rubric for all classes for perusal. 

Thanks for visiting!

Theatre Arts items are loaded to Aspen Pages! Please access items there.