Alternative Learning Program

The Portsmouth High School ALP is a "school within a school" program that services all students who are at risk academically due to social, emotional, behavioral and/or learning problems. The mission of the ALP is to provide a highly structured, small class setting where students can experience behavioral and academic growth and success, so that eventually they can experience the same success in our regular program of studies.

Academic instruction includes a core curriculum commensurate with the goals and abilities of each student. In addition, every effort is made to provide each student with an internship or work experience related to his/her interests. Students may be referred to the ALP by a parent or guardian, a teacher, administrator, or counselor. An ALP screening committee meets on a regular basis to review referrals, make decisions regarding placement in the program, and to provide on-going support and assessment.

Regardless of the level of participation or length of stay in this program, students who have completed the required curriculum and earned a minimum of 23 credits, will receive a Portsmouth High School diploma.