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Integrated AM-Pre-school and PM-Pre-K webpage.


Our classes run Tuesday - Friday -(AM is 9:30-12:00 and PM is 12:45-3:15.)

Our Daily Schedule: (Which is always flexible)

9:25-9:30ish Arrival Jobs (children put their cubby pictures on their cubbies, hand up their back packs,   put  their coats in their cubbies, and check their folders for important papers)  

9:30-9:40ish-Table Jobs  (once the arrival jobs are complete the children sit at tables 1 or 2 or on the floor and work on an academic task.  These tasks take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Once completed they call an adult to check their work and go over the academic skill they are working on.  (Tuesdays-letters, Wednesdays-shapes/patterns, Thursdays-numbers, Fridays-review)

9:40-10:25ish-Center Play (once the children have completed a table job they get their center photo and put their picture on the center card of their choice.  During this time each student  will be called to the art table once during the week to work on an academic craft/art activity. )

10:25-10:30 - Clean-Up (All children help to pick up the classroom before coming to sit at the circle.)

10:30-10:50- First Circle (Read daily jobs, go over the calendar, dress Weather Bear, and sing/recite theme based poems)  

10:50-11:20ish - Bathroom & Snack (we use the toilets and eat snack as a whole group.  Adults encourage conversation.)

11:20-11:35ish-Second Circle (read a story and do a mini-academic lesson.  Sometimes therapists have a whole group lesson we will do)

11:35-12:00-Outdoor Play  (Play on the kindergarten playground.  Sometimes the PT may have group activities/games that we will do as a class.  If it is raining or too cold to go outside we switch times with Bathroomo and Outdoor Play and  go into the cafeteria or the gym to work on large motor skills.)

12:00 Dismissal  children are dismissed to parents and busses from the playground on nice days and from door #13 on rainy, snowy, or cold days

12:00-12:45 Lunch and Planning

  PM session runs as the AM session,  activities may vary 

12:45-1:30ish - Arrival, Table Job, and Center Play


1:35-1:55ish- First Circle

1:55-2:20ish- Outdoor Play (Children use the bathroom in the kindergarten room at this time)

2:25-2:45ish-Second Circle

2:45-3:10- Snack

3:10-3:15-Third Circle  if time allows (PM studnets are read another story.  Book  parts, various genre are discussed-ie, fiction, non-fiction, poetry)

3:15 - Dismissal children are walked to their busses or to the cafeteria by adults for dismissal.  

 Weekly Newsletters- I  try to send home weekly newsletters on Tuesdays.  It will let you know the theme for the week, the letter of the week, some of the books we will be reading, what the Show and Share is for Friday, and any important dates or information families need to know about. 

Show and Share Fridays- Every Friday I ask all the children to color, cut-out or draw a picture that has to do with the theme of the week to share with the class. It is listed on the weekly newsletter.  

Homework Policy: Homework at this age is not appropriate.  That being said, on a questionaire that was sent home, some parents requested some sort of "work" come home because the younger children were requesting "homework" like their older siblings have.  In response to this I  try to send home at least one "practice" letter sheet on the back of/or with the weekly newsletter and will sometimes send home a page or two of theme based letter, number, or craft activities.  These do not have to be completed, but if the children like doing them and send them back to school, we will review them with the students. The paper gets a happy face for any attempt the children made to work on them.  If students take their time, follow all directions, use at least 3 colors, and write their name on their paper they get both a happy face and a sticker for their shirt/folder and their paper.

Student of the Week- I assign every student a week to be "Student of the Week" starting in October.  This was an activity suggested by a parent through a "Parent Questionaire". Each child can invite a guest to come and visit/play for a day (usually on Tuesday) of the week they are assigned.  The guest can do a fun craft with the class that ties into the child's favorite book, the classroom theme, or just a theme the child really likes.  I also send a bag home to be filled with specific items (children draw a self portrait & one of their family, photos or drawing of a favorite place they like going to, send in a favorite book to be read to the class, favorite small stuffed animal, favorite toy, hobby or hobbies) that the children will share during circle when their guest is visiting (guests usually come on a Tuesday, but days and times are flexible). You can also bring in a favorite snack & craft to do with the children that ties in with the favorite book or theme of the week.  If you are assigned a date that does not work for you, please contact me so that it can be changed/moved.

Parent Volunteers- All parents who want to volunteer in the classroom must contact the Volunteer In Schools (VIS) coordinator and register with them (The office can give you the name and number-683-1650).  I usually have the volunteer schedule set by the first week in October so volunteers who are registered can begin coming in. I try to take into account your requests as much as possible.  Most of the time I have volunteers in for the first hour of school to help with computer skills, art projects, journal pages, reading with students, or playing games with the children.

 Internet Links that may be educational and fun for the children to use.

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