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ELA and Social Studies

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Hello and welcome to my web-page! I am very excited to be a part of the educational journey the grade four students are embarking on this year. This page will serve as a helpful tool for those at home to stay updated on what is going on in English & Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies.  In addition to posting assignments and being able to contact me via e-mail, I hope to utilize this web site as a window into the classroom.  So whether you are wondering about important dates or simply curious about what activities may be going on in the classroom, I invite you to explore ELA and Social Studies with grade four and visit this page for updates!!! 


With Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Klimek:)


p.s. Please note that the information posted on this page serves as a general outline for your reference. I will always do my best to keep the content up-to-date, but in-class or homework assignments are subject to change at any time.



*When possible, I will attach IMPORTANT OR HELPFUL material below.**


Yay for ELA!!!  :-)  Reading and writing are foundational skills that students must learn and embrace to be successful not only in school, but life.  For this reason, we try to have as much fun as possible when learning and practicing these skills but expectations are also high.  To optimize your child's potential and ensure growth and success, it is very important to take time at home to read (and reflect on reading) every night. Thank you for your understanding and support every day!!! :-) 


 This month, we will focus on two primary areas.  First, learning and understanding the classroom rituals and routines.  When students understand and embrace specific behaviors and practices, we can truly optimize learning in the classroom.  In addition to the rituals and routines, we kick off the year through a Narrative Unit.  Students will review concepts from previous years (setting, character, plot, etc.) and begin to anaylze stories on a deeper level by making conclusions that are not explicitly stated in the text.  *Please note that this is a skill we will practice continuously throughout the year.


Summary, Characters, Setting, Rising Action, Falling Action, Problem, Solution, Climax, Plot, Character Traits, Conclusion, Inferencing, Word Choice, Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Conventions

   ***FYI - we refer to the Six Traits of Writing throughout the year.  See the attachment below for a one-page outline.***


Our first unit in Social Studies is Map Skills.  We start the unit off by answering the question "Where in the World do we live?".  Students enjoy filling out the bulls-eye worksheet and playing "I Say... You Say..." In addition, students begin exploring parts of a map and learn details such as Latitude and Longitude Lines, Continents and Oceans, etc. 

Also, throughout the year we will share and discuss current events in the news so please encourage your child to explore and share articles that he/she may enjoy from local or world news. 


planet, Earth, hemisphere, Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western, continents, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, oceans, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, country, Unites States of America, region, New England, state, Rhode Island, county, Newport, town, Portsmouth, address, 125 Jepson Lane, map, compass rose, scale, title, symbols, labels, key, grid, latitude, longitude, Equator, Prime Meridian, coordinates, election, candidates, democrat, republican, vote, ballot, debate


  Homework is an important tool used to reinforce concepts addressed in class.  Therefore, I expect that it will be completed on time.  This includes papers, projects and reports.  Please support your student at home and encourage them to complete these tasks to the best of their ability.  If there is a reason that your child cannot complete his/her assignments, a note or e-mail from you is required if your student is to recieve an extension and full credit.

  Homework is generally assigned Monday - Thursday for ELA and once or twice a week for Social Studies.  If there is an electronic version of the assignment available, I will attach the document for reference and printing.   



  • IMPORTANT: Twenty minutes of reading every night!!!
  • Due Wednesday, August 28th:  Students must bring in one object of any kind (as long as it is an appropriate size) that represents something that is important to him/her. 
  • Due Wednesday, August 28th:  Students must complete the "All About Me" worksheet.  Please note that there are some questions for parents/guardians to complete as well.


Social Studies:

  • Bring in a current event article:  This ongoing assignment is not required unless specified below.  To ensure that our students grow into conscious and productive citizens, help foster your child's "worldly knowledge" by discussing appropriate topics in the community, national or world news.  When a student brings in a news article (that he/she has already read and can explain to the teacher), they will get a sticker for their blue journal.  Reference the worksheet below for the information that your student should be able to answer (regarding a current event).





Please check your child's backpack every evening for papers to be signed and homework to be completed.   


Should you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at klimekn@portsmouthschoolsri.org


    Have a wonderful day!

 Mrs. Klimek