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Current Unit of Study

Algebra 1

Poweralgebra.com link



IXL Link

Please find Algebra 1 topics for IXL attached below.



Special Notices

Please make sure to check individual class pages for assessment dates.




How do I navigate this website?

How do I find needed information?  Use the tabs along the left margin.

What tabs should I use?  You will use the “home”, “classwork and homework”, and current unit of study tabs.  Make sure you choose the proper math class when checking the classwork and homework.




Absent students commonly asked questions….

What did I miss?  You can be proactive and find out what concepts were covered in class and what homework was assigned by…

1. Looking at the classwork and homework page on this website

2.   Phoning a friend

3.   Looking at the “While You Were Out” planner in the classroom

What do I owe?  You are responsible for ALL class work and homework that was assigned.

When is my work due?  You have as many days as you were absent to submit your work for credit.