Welcome to Mrs. Thompson’s 4th Grade Class!

Learning Center B1 Math 

Hello and welcome to my web-page! I am very excited to be a part of the educational journey the grade four students are embarking on this year. This page will serve as a helpful tool for those at home to stay updated on what is going on in Math. 

With kindest regards,


Lauren Thompson

*Please note that the information posted on this page serves as a general outline for your reference. I will always do my best to keep the content up-to-date, but in-class or homework assignments are subject to change at any time.






 Multiplication Worksheet, Fact Frenzy due Friday (Reflex) 

Homework Help LINK: 

kahn Academy Vide


7-4 Practice 

Fact Frenzy


Have Study Guide Signed 

Shape Multiplication Worksheet 

Fact Frenzy


Fact Frenzy-Reflex 


No Homework 


 Math Extension Computer Station

1.) Carefully get a laptop from the cart/Go to computer station 

2.) Log in using a guest log in (NO PASSWORD REQUIRED) 

3.) Use FireFox.  Go to Mrs. Thompson's web page and scroll down to get to the extension station box.

4.) Select from one of the following websites and use headphones as needed:

 Math Baseball

Good Luck! 



Once you are logged into your student account click on the following:

  • "Math"
  • "Numbers and Operations"
  • Click on Multiplication
  • Then watch the video
  • Take the REVIEW quiz
  • While still on the chosen video, click "game up" and select one of the corresponding games (suggested game: Multiplication Blocks)


Finding Factors and TOPIC 11 LINKS

Finding Factors Homework Helper-Video  

Quarter 2-B1 Book Club 

Please join us for lunch on Friday December 11th

Trouble Maker By Andrew Clements