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Portsmouth Middle School Visual Arts Program Curriculum Overview

By Crystal Cavaco, Art Educator

The arts program at Portsmouth Middle School continues and builds on the concepts and skills of art and art making learned at the elementary level. The middle school art curriculum is aligned with the National Visual Arts Content Standards and provides students with knowledge of the world around them. Throughout the school year students will explore and build upon the knowledge of the Elements and Principals of Art and Design through art lessons and art making. Students are exposed to various art mediums, artists, culture, ideas, and concepts by looking at, discussing, and creating art. Students will also develop the skills of observation, problem solving, self-evaluation, self-expression, and reflection through various lessons in each grade level. Assessments of student work are seen in a variety of ways such as in-process critiques, final critiques, self-evaluation, discussions, and writing assessments and rubrics.

Grade 4 Curriculum Overview

 The visual arts program for the fourth grade at the middle school builds on the knowledge of concepts and skills learned at the elementary level. The fourth grade has art one day of each rotation for the whole school year. The lessons in the class will allow students to work with various art mediums such as; oil pastel, paint, colored pencil, clay, mixed media, etc. During these lessons we will also build on and develope knowledge of techniques suc as; painting, shading, observational drawing, value, waeving, creating a collage, building three-dimensional objects, etc. In addition to these mediums and techniques, students will be introduced to various cultures, time periods, and artists.

Grade 5 Curriculum Overview

The fifth grade art curriculum at the middle school is a continuation of knowledge and concepts learned in the fourth grade and at the elementary level. The fifth grade has art twice a rotation for a trimester. Students in the fifth grade art class are introduced to a more mature middle school environment where they have more responsibilties, such as having to keep a sketchbook and complete weekly assignments. One skecthbook assignment will be due every week on the seconday meeting day of that week. The assignments are based on creativity, following criteria, neatness and effort. Each assignment is worth ten points. If the student does not have the assignment on the due date then they have until the next art class to bring it in for full credit or its a zero.

The fifth grade art curriculum has more of a focus of "hands on" art using various mediums and techniques such as; painting, exploring shading and value, creating three-dimnesional objects using paper mache, and also collage. The key to the fifth grade art curriculum in art is not only to keep the students actively engaged but letting them explore and express themselves through the process in art!

 Grade 6 Curriculum Overview


 Grade 7 Curriculum Overview

The art lessons in grade 7 focus on line as an emphasis and also build upon the elements and principal s of art and design such as pattern, rhythm, color, shape, form, unity, and texture. A lesson on line is usually the start of the seventh grade experience in art. Following that lesson students continue the concepts of line, pattern, color, texture, shape, and form to experience the medium of printmaking.  Students are able to delve into the world of printmaking and develop the skills of carving a design and creating a successful print. Printmaking is a messy and fun medium that students are successful with and enjoy!

Grade 8 Curriculum Overview

The grade 8 art curriculum proves to be a culmination of art concepts, artists, mediums, and art making that students have acquired throughout their middle school art experience. Students use the elements and principals of art and design to create both two-dimensi-onal and three-dimensional pieces of artwork. Usually the two-dimensional lesson focuses on mixing mediums and working with them together to create an intriguing design for their viewer. Discussion of graphic design and design for the public are incorporated in these lessons. Illustration, design, and literacy are also incorporated in the last lesson where the students create a book that is an expression of self and art knowledge gained through the years.



 Grade 5 Class Requirement Sheet


 Sketchbook Assignments (Homework)

 Grade 6 Class Requirement Sheet


Sketchbook Assignments  (Homework) 




  Grade 7 Class Requirement Sheet


Sketchbook Assignments (Homework)  

Grade 8 Class Requirement Sheet


Project and Sketch Folder

(Homework and Classwork) 

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