Mrs. Taft
Grade 7 Computers

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Grade 7 Computers
November 2

C-2 Welcome to Grade 7 Computers

On your first day of computer you will learn about Cyberbullying.

  • Watch the Brainpop Cyberbullying video
  • Open the binders on the tables
    • Read Real Life
    • Read through Graphs, Stats and Numbers
    • Read The Modern World
    • Read Laws and Customs
    • Read Trisha Prabhu on Rethink
  • Create a word document, save as Cyberbullying in your folder.
    • Answer the 5 questions on the Primary Source page
    • Define the vocabulary words.
  • Create a Publisher document using the Lesson 2.1 directions
    • Save as Poster to your folder
 November 3

You should finish up the work you started yesterday on Cyberbullying.

November 4-5 

Today we will learn about google classroom.

Google Classroom Period 1

Google Classroom Period 2

Google Classroom Period 3

Google Classroom Period 4

Google Classroom Period 5

You will be learning about Google Drive

Google Drive Period 1

Google Drive Period 2

Google Drive Period 3

Google Drive Period 4

Google Drive Period 5

We will get our Quia usernames and passwords. 

Quia Period 1

Quia Period 2

Quia Period 3

Quia Period 4

Quia Period 5

November 9

We will begin our work on TechnoEzine.

You should complete assignment 1 today.

Go to google classroom for further directions.

November 10 -12

You should finish and turn in assignment 1.

We will then move on to assignment 2, Rate the Ezines. Use the links in the following shared folder. Internet Favorites

Go to google classroom for further directions.

November 13

Today we will plan the content of our ezines. You should visit some of the sites in the TechnoEzine Favorites folder for musicians and trends to help you make your choices.

Go to your google classroom to download the assignment for today.

Week of November 16-20

November 16-20

This week we will begin to review our word processing skills in order to begin working on our own ezines. Go to the Google Classroom link below.