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Our textbook is now Algebra 1 Common Core Series by Pearson.

Usernames: LastFir@112 

Password: Portsmouth1

Here is the link:

*****Required Online Resources: PowerAlgebra.com

Note - if you have difficulty printing pages from the Pearson site, please refer to the attached document below.


*****We will practice math skills using IXL. Make sure you practice your skills weekly by clicking this IXL link!

IXL Algebra 1 Topics by Chapter - Attached Below!


 Classwork and Homework Pages - see left sidebar menu


If you experience a "script error" message that prevents you from opening the book, please click the "compatibility view" icon (see attached link). Once you click that icon, you will be able to view the online text.



How do I navigate this website?

How do I find needed information?  Use the tabs along the left margin or click the links below.

What tabs should I use? 

  • CLASSWORK & HOMEWORK PAGES - to see all assignments
  • Chapters 1 - 9 Tabs - for Essential Questions, Big Ideas (also attached below), Common Core Domains PLUS CLASS NOTES!
  • Cool MATH Links - for great practice and great learning!
  • PowerAlgebra page - for the online resources for Homework, Video Tutorials, Problem Solving Strategies, Visual Glossary, Math Tools, Dynamic Activities, Practice Problems, and more...
      • Students who do not have internet access at home will be using classroom computers (during class &/or afterschool, as needed)
  • RIDE page - for RI Department of Education information


Absent students Frequently Asked Questions….

What did I miss?  You can be proactive and find out what concepts were covered in class and what homework was assigned by…

1.  Look at your section's classwork/homework page on this website

2. Read your text book and review each example

3. Call a friend or look at the class binder when you return, as a last resort

What do I owe?  You are responsible for ALL class work and homework that was assigned.

When is my work due?  You have as many days as you were absent to submit your work for credit if you were out sick. If you have a specific situation that requires alternate arrangements, please see your teacher.

***What about if I go on vacation during non-vacation days? All assignments are posted on this webpage. If you have internet access, please check assignments to see what class work and what homework you will be missing. It is your responsibility to do all assignments. Most class notes for the lessons in each chapter are attached (see side bar menu). The book is accessable online. Use your log in and password that you were assigned in the beginning of the year. All lessons have video tutorials that are accessable online. Please return from your vacation with all work that is owed. If you have questions on concepts, please arrange for after school time to discuss your questions.

Please be familiar with the Grade 8 Math grading policy:
Assessments - 80%
Homework - 10%
Classwork - 10%



Math Practice Power Point  


  • Click on the "Math Practice" link
  • Click on "Open"
  • The Math Practice PowerPoint  will open in Normal view, click on the "Slide Show" tab.
  • Click "From Beginning"

 The slide show will start, as you visit each slide you will see links to various sites, click on the links of the sites that you would like to visit.

You can even save the PowerPoint on your desktop for easy access. I hope you enjoy using all of the practice sessions and videos!