Welcome to Mrs. Gardner's Math Class! 

Math 3 will be co-taught with Mrs. Grant

                  School year 2015-16



AFTERSCHOOL HELP: The week of Dec. 7th extra help will be on THURSDAY!










Student Math Tutorial




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Link for Kahn Academy Practice Website:



Please scroll down through this entire web page to find all important information related to Mathematics in C-1 


IXL Update 






DAILY classwork and homework assignments are listed on the classroom wall sheets located in class and should also be written in their binders.

Students will receive a login for the DIGITS program and a separate one for the IXL practice website. PLEASE encourage your child to record these passwords in a few places (their binder, at home, and in their planner).

Digits and IXL can be accessed from home!



Grade 7 Mathematics Common Core Standards include the following units which will be taught using Pearson's Digits curriculum:


Unit B: Rational Numbers (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing integers) Lots of Fraction work!!

Unit C: Equivalent Expressions and Equations (solving one, two, and multistep equations and inequalities)

Unit D: Geometry (Angles, Surface area, Volume)

Order of Operations, Mathematical Properties and all other related skills will be incorporated into the units as needed.

All other Common Core standards for grade 7 will be covered in the CPS Math class which will meet during quarters 2 and 4 for C-1 students.


Welcome to Grade 7 Mathematics!

This class meets all year and will focus primarily on Pre-Algebra skills.

Thank you for helping your child to gather the necessary supplies for Math class. Feel free to ask to see your child's binder in order to become familiar with how it is set up and organized.

We have a set routine that we follow for math class each day.

1. Math supplies set out on desks, all other materials on the floor

2. Sharpen pencils during the first 5 minutes of class

3. Take out HW to be checked

4. Login CW and HW for the day

5. Check whiteboard for a warm-up activity and work on it

 Students will become more familiar and successful with the classroom rituals with each passing day J

HOMEWORK POLICY: We typically assign math homework almost every night. Homework will either reflect what we have been working on in class or it will be basic skills/PARCCS practice, or Digits Curriculum. HW will be reviewed in class and is checked off at the beginning of class.

If a student is absent it is their responsibility to make up all HW and CW assignments! There is a place in the classroom to pick up missed handouts and they should also check the log sheets and login whatever assignments they have missed.

Any corrections to the CW or HW should be made while we are going over the assignments.

(Please be aware that grade 7 students generally still need LOTS of practice on basic skills such as decimals, fractions, percents, multiplying, and dividing. They will be learning many more new concepts this year and will need to stay on top of basic math skills.) Encourage your child to practice the areas of math in which they know they are weak.


GRADING POLICY: Grades will be computed based on the following:

·   Tests and Quizzes   70%

Tests count twice. Quizzes count once.

·   Homework  10% Ask your child to show you their HW rubric.

·   Class work (effort and participation)20%

(Coming prepared for class, working well during group work, completing all required work, raising hand to answer questions.) Ask your child to view their the CW rubric.


HOMEWORK is expected the next school day after it is assigned. One day late will be a 50, any later will be a zero (unless, of course, a student has been absent). Your child will also receive a Homework Rubric which explains the grading scale. 

EXTRA HELP: Help will be regularly available, especially before tests. When late buses begin running, we will be available for extra help, typically once per week. We will notify students each week which day we will be staying by writing it on the front whiteboard in our classroom.

PARENT UPDATES: Any necessary updates to math will be posted on my web page through the PSD website. You may also feel free to contact us by e-mail: gardnerj@portsmouthschoolsri.org

grantb@portsmouthschoolsri.org (students in Math 3 have both Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Grant for Math). 

ASSESSMENTS: Students should expect a quiz almost every week.

·   Quizzes typically will not be updated regularly on the website, as they will occur frequently and students should be ready. We do not give 'pop' quizzes but will frequently give just a one or two day notice.

·   Tests are not given as regularly. We will have one unit test per quarter. I will update my web page for tests and any graded take-home assignments.

·   Weekly homework, IXL, and classwork assignments will be listed on the board in class. Feel free to contact me if your child is absent for more than a day or two.