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Last updated on 12/15/15

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(American Nation & Medieval Times to Today) 

Ring of Honor

In recognition of the following students possessing unmatched knowledge when it comes to the political geography of the United States. Rumor has it Google Maps has reached out to each of these students, for their expertise and input, with regards to the latest update of their App.

Gea Conti

Grace Gesmondi

Tom Glazier

Kaye Markey

Madison Sullivan

Kate Famiglietti

Daniel Sullivan

Joe Riley

Wil Rudolph

Michelle Victorine

Where we have been...

  • Layout of room / Class rules / Expectations
  • Developing group norms and expectations
  • Setup of class materials
  • Identifying / defining / beginning to apply the use of text features
  • Five Themes of Geography review
  • Application of text features in our textbooks
  • Constitution Day- NSA surveillance
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Hemispheres and Quadrants
  • Time zones and Calendar year
  • World Geography
  • Map Projections
  • Types of Sources- Primary, secondary, authentic, reliable, bias & objective
  • Geography Skills
  • United States Political Geography
  • Note taking strategies w/ Physical and Climate Regions of the US
  • Geography skills
  • History of Halloween
  • Theories of how the first Americans got to the Americas
  • Crossing the Land bridge
  • Ice Age Hunters
  • History of Veterans Day
  • Elements of Culture- Word sort
  • When elements of culture are combined, a civilization is formed/created
  • Early Civilization map
  • Mesoamerica
  • Aztec, Inca and Maya readings w/note taking strategies and alpha blocks
  • Pagan Frayer model
  • Engineering an Empire- Maya (History Channel Documentary)
  • Kids Discover Articles- Aztec, Inca and Maya w/organizer {AIM GO}


What is happening in the NOW...

  • Early Natives in North America (present day US and Canada)
  • Engineering an Empire- Aztec
  • Native Storytelling
  • Culture Regions of North America

What the future will bring...

  • Native Dwellings
  • Myths vs Legends

Upcoming Events / Information / Reminders

  • Last late buses of 2015 Tues, Wed and Thurs of this week
  • I would like all Early Civilization Test makeups to be complete by Monday, 12/21


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  • Please check your child's planner for the most up to date information regarding their homework

Monday: 12/14- 1) None

Tuesday: 12/15- 1) AIM G.O. due by Friday

Wednesday: 12/16- 1) Same as Tues  /  2) TBD

Thursday: 12/17- 1) Same as Tues  /  2) TBD

Friday: 12/18- 1) TBD

Contact information for Mr. Rivard

Email- rivarda@portsmouthschoolsri.org

Phone- (401) 849-3700 x3313 / Voicemail- 6081

Classroom Resources / Attachments / Links-

 Attachments below...

1) National Geographic Geography Bee Practice Quizzes 

2) Kids Discover Articles for their AIM G.O.'s (Aztec, Inca and Maya)