Howard W. Hathaway

(Using information written by Chelsea Soares which was taken from information provided by Merrill Hathaway, Howard Hathaway's son)

  Howard Hathaway dedicated a good part of his life to public service in the town of Portsmouth, RI. He served on the School Committee, the Town Council, and was Town Treasurer.

Howard Hathaway was born in Somerset, Massachusetts in 1872. He attended Moses Brown School. He moved to Portsmouth in 1904.

In 1926 the Hathaways bought the 130+ acres of land across the street from what is now the Montaup Country Club. From 1932-1959 the orchard produced mostly peaches, along with apples, pears, currants, and gooseberries.

The Hurricane of 1938 devastated the orchards. Only a few trees survived and were replanted. The first good crop did not appear until 1944. Howard Hathaway died that same year. Merrill Hathaway continued working the orchards. The other Hathaway orchards were located where the present day Cardi's Cement Plant is on Middle Road near Escobar's corn maze.

Howard Hathaway had a great interest in the Town of Portsmouth and in its school system. His first public office was that of School Committee member. He served for twelve years and was chairman for most of his tenure. He served with like-minded people who shared his views, such as Henry F. Anthony and John Coggeshall. Both of these men also have schools named after them.

   Howard Hathaway advocated for the building of schools and the developing of schools from one-room school houses to multi-room brick buildings. During his term Hathaway worked for the construction of the Anne Hutchinson and the Anthony Schools.

 Mr. Hathaway served for eight years on the Town Council and fourteen years as Town Treasurer.

Mr. Hathaway loved books. He had a great collection in his house and office. He read from encyclopedias and law books.

Carrying on his father's tradition, Merrill Hathaway served on the School Committee from 1948-1960. He proposed the construction of a new school on Tallman Avenue. Dr. Francis Brady, the chairman of the School Committee proposed that the school be named in honor of Howard W. Hathaway.