Monday, December 15

A) Library

B) Grammar: Independent vs Subordinate Clauses

C) Worksheet: Independent vs. Subordinate Clauses

HOMEWORK: Worksheet (Independent and Subordinate Clauses)

Tuesday, December 16

A) Warm-up: Independent vs. Subordinate Clauses

B) Focus/Objective: 'The Long Winter', pgs 85-92

C) Vocabulary Lists 1 and 2

D) Reading: 'The Long Winter' pgs. 85-87

HOMEWORK:  Vocabulary crossword puzzle

Wednesday, December 17

A) Opening Activity: Flashback in 'The Long Winter'

B) Discussion: Character of Ralph McKeever and relationship to Danny

C) Reading: 'The Long Winter', pgs. 87-92

Thursday, December 18


Friday, December 19

A) Conflict Chart: 'The Long Winter'

B) Discussion: Review Conflict Chart

C) Worksheet:  Literary Elements in 'The Long Winter'

D) Share Out