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Create and Share a Senior Project Folder

  • Log on to Google Drive

    • <New> ---> <Folder>

  • Name your folder:

    • Last Name, First Name Senior Project 2016

  • <Create>

  • Right click on the folder and select <Share>

    • Select <Advanced> (bottom right-hand corner)

    • Next to “Private - Only you can access” Select <Change>

    • Choose “Anyone with the Link” and Select <Save>

    • In the box “Invite People”, type the last names of your advisor, Dave Innis, Vicky Hathaway and your English teacher(s). Their email addresses should autofill.

    • Be sure you give them permission “Can Edit”

    • Leave the box checked “Notify People Via Email”

    • Select <Send>

Change settings to convert Word Documents to Google Docs (everything must be shared as a Google Doc)

  • Click on “Settings” (a wheel at the upper right)

  • Choose “Settings”

  • Check the box next to “Convert Uploads”

Save a document to your Senior Project Folder

  • Open your SP Folder

  • You may create the document using Google Docs by selecting <New> <Google Doc>

  • Or upload a Word Document and be sure it has converted to a Google Doc

Share and Invite Others to See Your Google Doc - this does not happen automatically

  • EVEN IF the document is already shared with these individuals, you MUST notify them a document is ready for viewing

  • Click on <Share> (blue box in upper right hand)

  • Verify that it says “Anyone with the Link Can View”

  • In the box that says “People” type in the names of your advisor, David Innis, Vicky Hathaway and your English teacher(s)

  • You may add a note that lets them know what the purpose of the document is, or whether this is a revised version of something you created earlier.

  • Select <Send>

  • This notifies those people with an email that you have created or revised a new SP document.