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Grading Benchmarks for each quarter

Students failing to meet these minimum goals will be deemed

“currently failing” Senior Project.

The normal consequences for failing a course will apply.

Quarter One

  • Ethical Commitment Form

  • Proposal has passed

Quarter Two

  • Mentor Consent Form

  • Parent Release Form

  • 1st Annotation has passed

  • 1st Reflection has passed

  • Website has been created and is shared on Libguides

Quarter Three

  • All reflections completed and shared

  • All annotations completed and shared

  • Interview Annotation with signed Interview Verification Form

  • Mid-year Check-In Completed

Quarter Four

  • Dress Rehearsal

  • Website Complete and shared correctly (visible to anyone with the link)

  • Mentor Evaluation Rubric Submitted

  • Field Work Time Log Submitted and Signed by Mentor

  • Tech Form completed (online)

  • “I’m Ready Checklist” completed (online)