Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal is a MANDATORY two-day event that takes place on April 13 and 14 from 12:00-2:00. Its primary purpose is to give every senior an opportunity to practice his/her presentation and receive individualized feedback from a pair of faculty members.

Each senior MUST take part in this MANDATORY event in order to be cleared to present at Senior Project Boards in May.

Dress rehearsal has a secondary purpose of introducing all juniors to the process and giving them a head start on designing their own Senior Project. Juniors must submit an outline of their proposals at their first English class in August.


See the Presentation tab (on left) for resources to help you plan your presentation. (or use this link)

Dress Rehearsal Presentation Information - Powerpoint 

Quick Rubric and Feedback Sheet - This is what your faculty coaches will give you after your dress rehearsal

Presentation Rubric - This is how you'll be assessed at your final SP Boards in May.

Link to the Dress Rehearsal Schedule (you must be logged in to your Google Drive to view this). There we be a link in your school webmail on TBD. (This link will go live on TBD)