Senior Project Presentation

aka Senior Project Boards

May 17 and 18, 2016

I will know I am ready to present my product at Senior Project Boards IF:

  • All my signed forms are in: Parent Consent; Mentor Consent; Ethical Commitment.
  • I have received passing credit for at least five annotations (one must be an interview with an expert on your topic) and five reflections.
  • My mentor has evaluated my product, given it passing marks, and my mentor has submitted a signed and completed rubric to my English teacher(s).
  • I have filled out a Field Work Time Log with at least 15 hours or approved work, my mentor has initialed all the hours and signed the form, and I have submitted it to my English teacher(s).
  • I have a complete website (see the checklist under the Website for your SP tab) that has been evaluated as passing by my English teacher(s).
  • I have filled out the SP 2016 Sharing Your Website with Judges form - you MUST log on to the Google Drive to access. (Use this link)
  • I have taken part in the Dress Rehearsal process on April 13/14 (or I have made it up).
  • I have filled out the Technology Information Form - you MUST log on to the Google Drive to access. (use this link).
  • I have presented my website to an advisory on May 2 (link to details).

This page is under construction - check back frequently for new information!
The whole speech MUST be between 12 - 15 minutes.  If your speech is not 12 minutes long, you will need to present on the make-up days.  You may not exceed 15 minutes. Remember your goal is to explain and show how the whole process helped you explore and answer your essential questions. Practice is CRITICAL to a successful presentation.