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Proposal Checklist/Rubric

Does the proposal address the following criteria?



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1 - The proposal leads with an essential question and at least two supporting questions that frame a meaningful long-term project combining both academic and action-based research of suitable scope and rigor.


2 - The proposal explains why the student has chosen his/her essential questions and explains his/her personal connection to the topic.


3 - The proposal clearly explains the student’s Learning Stretch:  the student specifies his/her baseline knowledge/skills about the project and what new knowledge/skills he/she plans to gain.


4 - The proposal includes sufficient information about the mentor’s role and expertise/skill set to show the proposed mentor has appropriate skills/knowledge to provide guidance for the project.  (The student is not required to name a specific person at this point.)


5 - The proposal clearly describes a specific product idea with a clear connection to the essential and supporting questions that will provide evidence of the learning stretch.


6 - The proposal identifies one or more potential forms of physical evidence that the student will have available during his/her presentation as evidence of the learning stretch.


7- The proposal includes the following verbatim affirmation in the academic integrity paragraph:  I understand that if I commit plagiarism in any written component or falsify the project in any way, I will appear before the Appeals Committee/Advisory Board and, in addition to academic and disciplinary consequences, my graduation status may be in jeopardy.


8 - While not without errors, the proposal meets the basic format requirements and the basic rules of grammar, mechanics and usage.


Rev. 9-30-15