Developing Your Essential

and Supporting Questions

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Developing Your Essential Questions

You will need an Essential Question and Two Supporting Questions.

· Essential Question will probably be a HOW or WHY question

· Supporting Questions will probably be WHAT questions

Since your product will show that you have found answers to your essential/supporting questions, the questions MUST directly connect to your product idea. 


Product Idea

Essential Question

Supporting Questions



Build a dog house.



How does a dog house support some fundamental need that dogs have?

#1 – What are the best materials for constructing the dog house?

#2 – What are the various styles and what does each offer as it meets the dog’s needs?



Organize a charity event to support juvenile diabetes.





Why do we still need charity fundraisers to support non-profit organizations?

#1 – What kinds of events bring in the most money?


#2 – How much of the money actually goes to the charity?


Develop a smoking cessation campaign at PHS

Why do students choose to smoke tobacco?

#1 – What are the most effective messages to influence their behavior?

#2 – What are the most effective media by which to communicate the message(s)?

Improve PHS’s water conservation performance

How does PHS’s water consumption compare to similar-sized schools?

#1 – What are the current water usage practices that are most wasteful?

#2 – What are the conservation tactics that have proven to be most effective?

Study what the economic outlook is for plumbers in the decade ahead

How will the supply and demand change in the years ahead?

#1 -- What does the US Dept of Labor forecast?

#2 – What are the factors influencing the trend?

#3 – How reliable is the forecast of these factors?


Direct a play

How does a director bring the ideas about a script that are in his/her head to the stage?

#1 – What kind of training do directors go through?

#2 – How do you deal with difficult actors?