Senior Project 2.0 

Opportunities and Ideas!

We Have Mentor Volunteers in the Following Areas -

  • Art and Art Therapy
  • Auto mechanics
  • Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center in Narragansett
  • Clean Energy
  • PMS English teacher willing to work with an education project, preferably related to technology and its effects on learning

Project Ideas We Have Received - (The name is the person who suggested it, not necessarily a mentor volunteer)

  • Build an additional ticket booth for the new field - coordinate with our Athletic Director and Boosters (Mr. Littlefield)
  • New design on the existing press box - coordinate with Athletic Director and boosters. (Mr. Littlefield)
  • Maintain a STEAM graduate of the week feature on our school webpage. (Mr. Littlefield)
  • Plan an exercise trail around campus and Ft. Butts. (Mr. Littlefield)
  • Maintain the C-Wing bulletin board for the year/part of the year. (Mr. Littlefield)
  • The Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center in Narragansett would like to work with a senior. 
  • Ms. Berberick in the music department is looking for a senior to organize a fundraiser, such as a cookbook, to support the music department. She has more information.
  • Clean Ocean Access is looking for students to perform and assist in research and/or to be beach clean-up organizers. (see Ms. Amaral for details)
  • Institute recycling at Green Valley Country Club (Ms. Dame - PMS)
  • Build a green house on the south side of the new gym (Mr. Arsenault)
  • Plan and execute Earth Day fest 2015 (Mr. Arsenault)
    Design and build waste stations in the cafeteria  (to separate liquids, recycling, trash (someday compost)) (Mr. Arsenault)
    Work with cafeteria staff to remove Styrofoam and plastic and get back  to reusable trays and utensils (Mr. Arsenault)
    Implement composting in the caf (Mr. Arsenault)
  • Work with a retirement home to develop a program and/or class (Ms. Bisbano)
  • Work with a teacher at PMS to develop a district-wide anti-bullying campaign (Ms. Kingman has contact info)
  • Organize and run Portsmouth's Gay Straight Alliance and/or volunteer at the Providence Youth Pride Center (Ms. Kingman)
  • Prepare and teach an art class at the elementary level (Ms. Adler)
  • Care for and upgrade a community playground in need of attention (Ms. Kingman)
  • Adopt a "grandparent" in a nursing home and work with the staff to support the person (Ms. Bisbano)
  • Develop a program for the homeless in Newport -- work with the Winters' family or the McKinney shelter (Ms. Bisbano)
  • Write a grant for improvements to our theater, get it and schedule the work! -- seats/carpet/lights/etc (Ms. Bisbano)
  • Study island history and create a video or database for a local library (Ms. Bisbano)
  • Work with the school department to develop its web page and make it more user/student friendly/efficient (Ms. Bisbano)
  • Organize the Science Olympiad (Ms. Beebe)
  • Design and implement a science research project (Ms. Beebe)
  • Work with art department to design and install shelving in the sculpture classroom (Ms. Brandley)
  • Work with Mr. Escher (PMS-science) to get a hydroponics competition off and running--great for a student with biology interests.  He mentioned needing one to two students for help with the greenhouse/hydroponics.
  • Work with Dr. Nancy Breen (Roger Williams University, Chem prof), in forensics
  • Do a study to increase parking at PHS with a civil engineering mentor, (suggestion coming from Assistant Principals at PHS)
  • Digital classroom resources for future computer/digital media specialists
  • Fundraise and Acquire a 3D printer for the schools
  • Learn to use a 3D printer and work with (pick your age group) on a 3D printing project).
  • Robotics---Help coach/work with the robotics program at the Middle School (new Gr. 3/4 team and existing 6-8 team.  Great for a Robotics first senior.
  • Organize math/science/engineering enhancement activities at the elementary schools (for potential science/math educators).
  • Collect and archive for your 10th year reunion self-recorded 1-minutes videos from all of your classmates concerning a "message to my future self". (Mr. Innis)
  • more to come...