Reflection Template and Guidelines

  • Reflection length is a minimum of 250 words.
  • See the timeline for due dates for reflections.
  • Please compose reflections using Google Docs and make them one continuous document, adding the reflection for each month.
  • See your English teacher(s) for her specific instructions on how to submit and share.

Click here to access a Google Doc of this template. (Remember, you must be logged in to the Google Drive.)

[ Template]


Hours Worked Since Last Reflection

Total Hours Worked to Date on Product

Estimated Hours Left to Finish Product

Worked directly with my mentor


Worked alone


[MLA heading]

Start by making a copy of this document. To do so to go to:

File>Make a Copy

Change the name to your last name, first name Reflections

File>Move to Folder

Move the reflection to your Senior Project Folder

Then begin writing your reflection.

Write a reflection of the work you have accomplished during this time period.  The reflection must be a minimum of 250 words.  (The word count does not include the heading or the hours log.)Put your word count in brackets at the end of the reflection.  Since you will be saving and sharing these using the Portsmouth Google Drive, and will eventually save them to your online portfolio, we highly recommend that you compose the reflection using Google Docs.  

You do NOT need to share this with item with Senior Project.

Your reflections provide documentation of:

  • Specific details about the work you have done since your last reflection

  • How your research process supports your essential/supporting questions

  • How the work on your product is going and what progress you have made

  • Ways that your mentor has provided guidance

  • Any problems you have faced and how you plan to solve them

  • How your research is helping you find answers to your essential/supporting questions

  • What you anticipate doing over the next month

Put all of your reflections on a single document. Start a new page with the correct date for each subsequent month.