Senior Project -

Getting an Early Start in Summer 2015

Proposals DUE June 1! 

Please see the instructions for a proposal under the tab to the left. It must be a full written proposal composed on your PHS Google Drive and shared with Senior Project and your advisory.


No later than June 1, 2015

Submit to Senior Project Office using your PHS Google Drive 

Proposal Due

No later than June 12, 2015

Hand deliver to Senior Project Coordinators

Ethical Commitment Form Due

Mentor Consent Form Due

Parent Consent Form Due

No later than August 28, 2015

Compose on PHS Google Drive and share with coordinators 

Submit 2 Reflections for Summer Work

No later than August 28, 2015

Hand deliver to Senior Project Coordinators 

 Field Work Time Log of Summer Hours Signed by Mentor



Your research, reflections, and work exploring your essential questions will continue throughout the school year.

Necessary Forms and Deadlines - Due no later than June 12, 2015 :

Due August 28, 2015 (hand deliver to SP coordinators)

  • Field Work Time Log signed by mentor (Have your mentor sign off on all hours you complete during the summer; it is not necessary that you are completely finished with your mentor hours by August 28, 2015)

Reflections - Instructions and a sample are to the left. Compose using Google Docs on your PHS Google Drive. Share with the SP coordinators - hathawayv and innisd