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Suzy Patriot

Ms. English Teacher

English 12

September 19, 2013

Senior Project Proposal

Essential Question:


Supporting Question 1:


Supporting Question 2:


Proposal Paragraph 1:


· Explain why you have chosen this topic as your area of exploration.


· Discuss what background knowledge and/or skills you have in this area.

· Explain how the skills/knowledge you gain throughout the year will be a learning stretch for you.  Be sure to use the phrase “learning stretch.”


Proposal Paragraph 2:


· Explain what you intend to learn (refer back to your essential and supporting questions)


· Who will be your mentor/outside expert?  What skills or expertise does he/she have?  How did you find your mentor?  If you knew your mentor prior to beginning senior project, explain your relationship with this person.

· What sources do you anticipate using to explore your essential and supporting questions other than databases and internet searches (this does not have to be specific at this point)?


· How do you anticipate your mentor and/or other experts in the field will help you explore your essential and supporting questions?


Proposal Paragraph 3:


· What will you do or create as clear evidence of the research you have done and the knowledge you have gained and how will this demonstrate that you have achieved your learning stretch?


· What types of photographs and other evidence of your learning process will you provide? Remember that your portfolio must contain a minimum of five photographs of your process.


· What physical proof or photographs will you have at your presentation in May to show you have achieved your learning stretch?  


Proposal Paragraph 4:


· Discuss your understanding of the need to fulfill all the requirements of Senior Project with academic integrity.


· This paragraph must contain the following:


    • I understand that if I commit plagiarism in any written component or falsify the project in any way, I will appear before the Appeals Committee/Advisory Board and, in addition to academic and disciplinary consequences, my graduation status may be in jeopardy.