Top 10 PHS Activities

*In no particular order*

1.)   LC Rec – LC Rec is for all PHS students who are interested in playing basketball outside of school. Students who sign up will be placed on teams and will play games against each other once a week. This takes place during the winter sports season.

2.)   Futsol – Futsol is for any student interested in playing soccer outside of school. Those interested may sign up and then will be placed on a team with a team captain. These teams will play each other once a week. This activity takes place during the spring sports season.

3.)  International Volleyball – International Volleyball is available to any student taking a language. Students will put together teams and often design team shirts. The tournament lasts for one week after school. The top two teams will then play for the championship in front of the school at a pep rally.

4.) Mr. Portsmouth – Mr. Portsmouth is a comical presentation the school puts on. Boys may sign up and perform talents among other acts in order to be crowned Mr. Portsmouth.

5.)   Variety Show – Anyone may sign up for the Variety Show. Essentially it is a talent show so students must come up with their own performances to present to the school.

6.)   Goofy Games – Goofy Games is a competition between all grade levels 9-12. At Goofy Games, students from each grade will be chosen to participate in activities in which they will attempt to win for their grade.

7.)   Spirit Week – Spirit Week takes place the week before homecoming. Each day has a different theme and students come to school dressed according to the particular theme.

8.)   Froshmore – Froshmore is a special dance put on especially for the freshman and sophomores.

9.)   Boy’s Dance – Boys interested in putting on a comical dance performance with the cheerleaders may participate in the Boy’s Dance. They will coordinate a dance that will be performed with the cheerleaders at a school pep rally.

10.) Dodgeball Tournament -  Students wanting to participate in the dodgeball tournament may sign up with a team. An event after school will be held to host all the games. After several games, the top seeds are picked to compete for the championship.


PHS Clubs and Organizations

Students may join any of the following available clubs at PHS. Counselors are available to assist students with how to join clubs if need be.

Student Council

Class of 2013 Student Council

Class of 2014 Student Council

Class of 2015 Student Council

Oceanography Club

Green Club

Math Team

Science Olympiad Team

Unified Sports

Ski & Snowboard Club

Gay Straight Alliance

Model UN & Close Up

Mock Trial

Chess Team

Circle of Friends

Literature Magazine

Book Club

Art Club

Students Against Destructive Decisions

Math Club

Philosophy Club

Youth Action Committee

Sailing Club