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Being a new senior can be difficult. There are a lot of big steps to  take during your senior year. Even though being at a new school can bring challenges, this page will help you become more familiar with some of the things seniors should know when coming to Portsmouth High School.

Senior Project

During your senior year at Portsmouth High School, you will be required to complete a senior project in order to graduate. This is a yearlong project in which you will choose a topic that you are interested in and create a product based on this. The four major components of Senior Project are a research paper about your topic, your final product, a portfolio, and a final presentation about your project.

This may seem extremely overwhelming and stressful at first. However, once you have chosen your topic, each portion of your product will be completed step by step. This project will be mainly run by your English teacher so if you need any assistance, contact them. You may also ask where the Senior Project Office is if you are in need of assistance.

For more detailed information about senior project, visit the Senior Project webpage.

Senior Photos:

Seniors may, if they choose, submit senior portraits taken by a privately retained photographer. However, all senior portraits shall be of the student only with a traditional indoor or outdoor background. No props, instruments, pets, athletic equipment, hobby items, vehicles, or other items shall be not allowed in the photographs. Clothing shall be modest and free of slogans and/or political expressions and such clothing shall be in conformance with the School District’s dress code. You must inform Your Photographer of the photo you would like to appear in the yearbook. Please inform your photographer that senior portraits photos for the yearbook are wallet size

2.5” x 3.5”. The digital resolution should be at least 300ppi at above width and height.

Digital Copies are preferred.

All students must send in their senior photo by the designated due date.

Friends Pictures:

Each senior can only submit two friends pictures. Please request which is your first choice of the two. We cannot guarantee that these pictures will be returned to you, so please do not include “one of a kind” pictures. Please write your name on the back of each picture and include a self-addressed envelope so we can return your pictures to the best of our ability. The digital resolution should be at least 300ppi.

Senior Blurbs:

Seniors may write their own customized senior blurb. This is a small excerpt of memories and/or statements seniors may want to make that will appear next to their name and picture in the year book.

Must be a maximum of 400 characters including spaces. All of the blurbs will be read by Mr. Littlefield and will be edited for profanity and any inappropriate statements. These must be typed in size 12, Times New Roman. **

Remember When’s:

Remember When’s are small messages students write about specific memories that they would like their classmates to look back on.

Remember When’s must also be typed in size 12, Times New Roman, and all will be read by Mr. Littlefield and edited as well.

Senior Wills:

Seniors may write Senior Wills. These are things they would like to leave behind to the school or to specific students. These will be published in the school newspaper.

Wills can be a maximum of 50 words (not including your name). No initials or acronyms will be allowed in the wills. Please use full names.