Class Notes and Handouts

Scroll to the bottom for a .pdf version of Brave New World

3/3 & 3/4- Begin Brave New World.  Period 6 to present J & H projects.

HW- Read chapters 1 and 2 in Brave New World

2/27 & 2/28-  Finish class discussion of Jekyll & Hyde.  Turn in your question packets for a final grade. 

HW- work on your Jekyll & Hyde project due 3/4 for period 6 and 3/5 for period 2.

1/6 & 1/7- The Victorians!  Discuss p. 828-837 and take notes

HW- Read p. 839-853 Tennyson ("The Lady of Shallot", "Ulysses", "In Memoriam", "Crossing the Bar")

Senior Project- 3rd Annotation and Reflection due by Friday, 1/10 Catch up on any other outstanding work before the quarter ends next week

Click here for No Fear Shakespeare- "Othello" online

11/19 & 11/20- Watch short film documentary on Shakespeare.  Act IV review activity for "Othello".

HW- Read Act V of "Othello" and complete your quote graphic organizer.  **Your 1st Annotated Bibliography for Senior Project is due NEXT CLASS**

11/4 & 11/5- Finish Canterbury Tale presentations.  Begin "The Renaissance" and take notes in class.  Worked in computer lab on interview questions and annotations. 

HW-  Complete lecture notes.  Annotate article on Reformation.  Continue working on interview questions. 

10/29 & 10/30-Work on your own tale in class.  Quarter 1 ends 10/31...make sure you have turned in any outstanding work so that you can receive credit for it. 

We still need revised proposals uploaded and shared to googledocs!  At this point, you will only need to share with Ms. Bisbano, myself, Ms. Hathaway, and Mr. Innis.  Once it is shared, check your student email account regularly for your scored rubric to see if it passes or more revisions are needed. 

HW- Finish your own tale, plan and prep your costume and food for the Medeival Feast next class!


10/25 & 10/28-  Quiz on "The Wife of Bath's Tale" and class participation self-scoring.

HW- Decide which character from "The Canterbury Tales" you would like to use to write your own tale.   

10/23 & 10/24-  Open book group  quiz on "The Pardoner's Tale." 

HW-  Read "The Wife of Bath's Tale" and prepare for a quiz


10/21 & 10/22- Review Flawed Fools handout that was completed for homework.  Begin reading "The Pardoner's Tale"

HW-  Finish reading "The Pardoner's Tale"


10/17 &10/18- Began "The Prologue" and Flawed Fools Handout together in class today.  Reminder to those that have received their SP proposal rubric back and need to revise for resubmission...this needs to be completed by Monday, 10/21.  You must share the revised version with the same group of teachers you shared with before, and rename the document "Revised Proposal."  In addition, you must return the graded proposal rubric to Ms. Bisbano or Ms. Nicoletti. 

HW- finish reading "The Prologue" pgs. 111-136 and complete the Flawed Fools handout.  Your 1st reflection is due 10/23 or 10/24.


10/15 & 10/16- New unit!  "The Canterbury Tales" by Chaucer.  Reviewed medeival notes from early September and read p. 107-110 in class.  Note handouts given in class, with additional notes taken throughout discussion.  Be sure to review your notes prior to next class!!

HW- continue working on your first reflection for Senior Project. The purpose of this reflection is for you to talk about the Senior Project process so far....selecting a topic, creating questions, connecting it all to a product, finding a mentor, etc.

**Bring your text book to class as we will be reading "The Canterbury Tales **


10/1 & 10/2-  Access your new student email account and link it to Aspen and Google Docs for uploading your Senior Project Portfolio.  Continue to watch "Beowulf" and answer questions.

HW- Senior Project Final Proposal NEXT CLASS

9/27 & 9/30- Continue watching "Beowulf" and completing questions.

HW- Work on Proposal Final Draft

9/25 & 9/26- Read and annotate an article in class and write a summary.  All English 12 students are completing this so that we can better understand where each students strengths and needs are to begin instruction for writing annotated bibliographies for Senior Project. Begin "Beowulf" movie in class work on questions related to the movie.  Questions are attached below if you need another copy.

HW- Work on revising your Senior Project Proposal due NEXT WEEK


9/23 & 9/24-  BEOWULF Essay Test Today! 

HW-  Begin editing your Proposal First draft that was handed back today.  Final Proposal due in TWO weeks.


9/19 & 9/20- Peer Edit proposals in class.  Begin test prep t-charts to be used for Essay test on Beowulf next class.


HW-  Complete t-chart quote organizer for Beowulf test.  You will need to bring this completed to next class!


9/17 & 9/18- Reading for meaning - work within your group to translate your section of Beowulf into modern English.  Work on proposals for the last half of class.  

HW-  Proposal First Drafts Due next class 

9/13 & 9/16- Class will meet with guidance counselors in the library to talk about IMPORTANT Senior year information.  

HW- If you signed up via text reminders from Ms. Hathaway for Senior project updates, you'll know that your proposal is due in class on 9/19 or 9/20.  Continue to work on Proposals and come to next class with any and all questions! 

9/11 & 9/12-  Turn in Essential and Sub Questions.  Continue group work with Beowulf and textual evidence to support the Anglo-Saxon values and Epic Hero Characteristics.  You should be recording all of your classmates examples when we share out so that you will have plenty of examples when you prepare for the final assessment for Beowulf on 9/23 & 9/24. 

HW- none due, however you should begin working on your proposal for Senior Project.  Please visit the Senior Project Web Page for resource materials (graphic organizer, rubric, sample proposal, etc) to make sure you on on track and to help when you get stuck. 

Class on 9/13 & 9/14 will be meeting in the library.


9/9 & 9/10- Group work on finding text evidence to answer the focus questions from the reading of Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother.  Class time to ask individual and clarifying questions to make sure essential questions and sub questions are on track for submission next class.

HW- Read pgs. 52-62 "Beowulf" in text and questions.  Essential and Sub Questions for Senior Project due!


9/5 & 9/6- Worked in groups to find text evidence to answer the focus questions of our reading: 1.  How does the text of "Beowulf" show the values of the Anglo-Saxons?  2. How does the hero Beowulf fit these characteristics of the Epic Hero?

HW- Read pgs. 45-51 "Beowulf" in text and answer questions 1-5 on p. 51 (these must be typed). 

Reminder- Essential and Sub Questions for Senior Project due next week!


9/3 & 9/4- Reviewed notes and lesson on How to Take Notes on What is Important and Why (attachment below).  Discussed new literary terms- stock epithet, kennings, caesuras, and enjambment. Began reading "Beowulf" in class.

HW- read "Beowulf" p.33-44 in textbook.  Answer questions on p. 44 #1-4 in fully developed short paragraphs.  This must be typed.


8/29 & 8/30- All students signed the Ethical Committment form for Senior Project in class today.  Handout "Developing Your Essential Question" to assist you in constructing your own questions.  We read p. 16-21 in the Lit Book and discussed the Anglo-Saxon period and values (see handout below). Additional notes taken in class (see document below). 

HW- read p. 22-29 and take notes (p.28-29 are IMPORTANT!) 

8/27 & 8/28-  Welcome to English 12!  We reviewed the course and classroom expectations, and discussed Essential Questions and sub questions for Senior Project.  A calendar for Q1 was handed out that included an overview of what we will be doing each class and the HW that will be due.  Click on the link below for a copy of the Q1 calendar.

HW- continue to think about your Senior Project, particularly the essential and sub questions.