Classwork and Homework

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Click here for link to Romeo & Juliet (No Fear Shakespeare)

5/8 & 5/9- Review sonnets and begin Romeo & Juliet.  Prologue - reading for meaning.  View R&J film Act I sc. 1-4.  

HW- Finish R&J packet if you have not already done so.  Be sure to complete all margin work.  These will be collected next class.  Fill in character/family graphic organizer based on what you have read so far.  Remember to include a quote on the back for each character. 

3/20 & 3/21-  Review Research Project CCA timeline for due dates.  If you are behind and need help, please make an appointment to see Ms. Caldwell or myself for help.  Topic Outline activity in class and complete for homework.  In addition, you must complete a working draft of a topic outline (with 4 claims and at least 2 pieces of evidence for each claim) for next class.  See attachments below for a template you can use...the outline is completely formatted...just add your own claims and evidence!

2/27 & 2/28- Finish up reading sheets for all sections of Speak.  You should have a total of 8 completed sheets to turn in at the end of class.  Choose your topic for the Social Issues Media Project CCA.  Find 30 interesting words, phrases, quotes from all sections of Speak and type them with the page # you found it on using 14 font and 3 spaces in between each.  Make sure you save this document!  Then print and cut each strip.  We will be arranging them to create a "found" poem for our final assessment for the novel. 

HW- Finish all sheets if you have not done so yet!  You can access the novel Speak with .pdf attached below (scroll down).

Find, type, and save document of the 30 words/quotes/phrases you found in the book. 

11/19 & 11/20- Review reading and self-selected quotes from "Absolutely True Diary...Indian" reading (p 169-196).  Created different types of questions as an in-class activity that related to this section of the book. 

HW- Finish the novel "Absolutely True Diary....Indian" (p.197-230) and select 2 quotes from the section and respond to them. 


11/4 & 11/5- Return TRC essays.  Reflect on comments and areas of need.  Work independently in class on quote work from TATDPTI (up to page 66), and dialectal journal for Junior and another character (quotes needed for all actions here too).  

HW- (Due 11/8 or 11/12) Read to page 101 in TATDPTI.  Choose 2 quotes from the book, list and analyze them in 3-5 sentences each.  Finish all of the class work above.

We will be in the library on 11/6 & 11/7 for our monthly visit. 

10/29 & 10/30- Essays and graphic organizers due.  Continue vocabulary work on the novel "ATDPTI"

HW- A-day: Read up to page 31 of "ATDPTI"  B-day: read up to page 65 and find 2 passages, cite them, and explain them in 3-5 sentences


10/25 & 10/28- Peer editing of essays and computer lab to work on revisions. Vocabulary exercise from our next literary piece, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian"

HW- Revise essays and be ready to turn in next class 

10/23 & 10/24- Discuss the differences between the following types of sentences:  thesis, topic, summary, opinion, and general statements.

HW- Complete the first draft of your essay- you need to bring both a typed and electronic copy of your essay to our next class.  Please get a flash drive if you do not already have one.


10/21 & 10/22- Finish "The Red Convertible" and Recall/Symbol/Predict graphic organizers.  Make sure you have completed all sections and pages. 

HW- Choose 3 symbols from the story and complete a WDP graphic organizer for each symbol. 


10/17 &10/18- Continued reading of "The Red Convertible" in class and filling out the "Recall/Symbol/Prediction" graphic organizers.  We have completed sections 1-4 of the story at this point and have had some great class discussions about symbolism in the story and their meanings. 

HW- none!  Enjoy the weekend :) (symbol)

10/15 & 10/16- Jackson essays are due at the beginning of the class.  Your rough draft with teacher comments MUST be attached to your final draft. We started reading "The Red Convertible" in class today, focusing on symbolism in the story. 

HW- Complete the quote handout given in class today.  You must locate your own quote from section 2 or 3.  A copy of the story is also attached below if you need to access it.

10/9 & 10/10- Vocabulary assessment given for baseline - all 9th grade English students are taking this assessment to help provide important information to guide instruction for this year in reading and comprehension.  Jackson essays were returned to you with a plethora of comments to help you revise your final draft which is due next class (Tuesday 10/15 or Wednesday 10/16)

9/30 & 10/1- Reviewed graphic organizers (Venn Diagram) for the short stories "The Lottery" and "Charles" and discuss compare and contrast.  Select 3 topics for your essay- you must choose at least one from similarities and differences.  Completed essay outline and created an introductory paragraph as a class including author's name and titles of stories, brief sentence that captures the summary of each story, and a thesis statement. The class sample intro we wrote is attached below.

HW- Complete all 3 body paragraph graphic organizers for class and the conclusion part of the essay organizer (the bottom part of the introduction organizer).  Be prepared to begin typing the first draft of your multi-paragraph essay next class. 


9/20 & 9/23- Review questions from "The Lottery".  Create a story map using the literary elements worksheet.  Discussed theme of the story in detail.

HW-  Find a quote that represents each literary element on the story map sheet (Setting, Character, Conflict, Inciting Incident, Climax, Resolution, Foreshadow, Irony, and Theme).  Read and annotate the short story "Charles" by Shirley Jackson. 


9/18 & 9/19-  Quiz on "The Lottery".  Read aloud in class and discuss.

HW-  Calvin & Hobbes paragraph- respond to each section on the rubric of your scored paragraph.  Explain specifically what you would change to improve your paragraph.  You do not need to rewrite the paragraph, just tell us how you would take the feedback given to make it better. Answer 7 questions on the handout for "The Lottery".


9/16 & 9/17- Scantron Reading Assessment in class

HW- Read and annotate "The Lottery".  Quiz next class.


9/13- (period 3 A day)- Share journal entries on lottery, tradition, and objects of value. Literary term review and vocabulary exercise.  Next class (9/17) we will be taking the Scantron Reading Assessment in the computer lab.  There is no preparation for this, however we do want you to put your "all" into it the day of the assesement. 

Periods 5 and 8 on B day will be taking the Assessment on Monday, 9/16! 


9/11 & 9/12- Turn in Calvin paragraph with graphic organizer attached.  Finish word sort activity from last class and be sure log your work in your journal. Journal Response- Answer the 3 questions we posed to you regarding lotteries and preparation to read the short story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. 

HW- none 

9/9 & 9/10- Reviewed the elements of a WDP (well-developed paragraph) and how to put what you have put on your graphic organizers into paragraph format.  Began writing the paragraph in class.  Introduced vowel and spelling pattern word sorts and recorded them into journals.

HW- Finish WDP on character trait for Calvin

9/5 & 9/6- Reviewed expectations of reading and writing for grade 9 and how to access Mrs. Caldwell and Ms. Nicoletti's websites for class information and homework (if you are reading this now then you have mastered it!).  Group sharing of last class group work.  Lesson on what is included in a Well-Developed Paragraph (WDP) and read comic strip from "Calvin & Hobbes".  Began working in class on graphic organizer to write a WDP on the character trait of Calvin.

HW- finish graphic organizer for next class 


9/3 & 9/4- Finished paragraph in class on the main character from the short story "The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant".  Discussion and group activity on selecting a character/personality trait, providing text evidence, and including your own thoughts as to why you chose them. 

HW- None :)

 8/29 & 8/30-  Be prepared to share your summer reading bag!  Re-read and finish sheet from last class on "The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant".  Vocabulary exercise  and oral reading of this story.  Began in-class writing assignment.

HW- Write a story/paragraph or sentences using all of the vocab words from class (See attachment below)

 8/27 & 8/28- Welcome to English 9!  We are super excited to have you all with us this year!  We reviewed course expectations (see attached syllabus below) and discussed the summer reading assignment.  Journals and folders were handed out in class for classroom use and will be kept in class, however, you may want to purchase a 2-pocket folder or binder to transport homework assignments to and from school. 

HW- Summer Reading Bag due next class