Social skills, pragmatics ...

Social thinking website by Jill Kuzma

I use the above website a lot ... many handouts you see are from Jill Kuzma's website - please familiarize yourself - it's important that we speak the same language. Handout links are: - drumroll please!

Perspective Taking Skills - information 

   Perspective Teaching Ideas

Conversation Skills - information

 Conversation Skill Teaching Ideas

Emotion Awareness and Management - information

Emotion Awareness and Management Teaching Ideas

Friendship and Interaction Skills - information

Friendship and Interaction Skills Teaching Ideas 


Michelle Garcia Winner's Blog

Great website !  Some of the offerings from her blog below ...

Preparing Transition to Adulthood (Part 1)

Anxiety and Social Competencies  

Back to School - Social Thinking can be used for all school children    

Pragmatic Handouts from Speaking of Speech website - asking for help, social stories, good friends, bad friends, etc.  More appropriate for younger children 


When in social groups with my students, we talk about Social Thinking . Check out this site to find out more about the language we use and what it's all about!

Website for Parents: Interactive Lessons - power points that are good examples of the way we work on  ... tone of voice, facial cues, body language, social situations, etc.

Websites - lots of info

Social skills game   for kids   

Facial Expession Fun for Caleb