Algebra 1-1: Variables & Expressions

addition: add, plus, increased by, total, in addition to, more than, more, sum

subtraction: minus, less, less than, decreased by, difference, subtracted from

multiplication: times, twice, triple, double, of, per, each, product

division: fraction, quotient, divided by, distributed evenly

numerical expression: a combination of numbers and operations (no equal sign) - ex: 3 + 15 - 9

algebraic expression: a combination of numbers, operations and letters (variables) (no equal sign) - ex: 3x + 15 - 9c

rise, run, slope, y-intercept, linear equation, equation of a straight line, line of best fit, additive inverse, multiplicative inverse, inequality, ordered pair

Math Dictionary:http://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/index.html