School Committee Email Access and Tips

Accessing Email for School Committee 2011
Portsmouth School District IT Department

Common Terms:

  1. Inbox – Location in which new messages appear
  2. Compose Mail - To start a new message, click the Compose mail button.
  3. Sent Items – After you send a message the will be stored under the Sent Items Label
  4. Contacts - Location where frequently used email addresses are kept. We have created some contacts, and you have the ability to create your own.
  5. Calendar – Location to store your appointments
  6. Search Mail - If you get a lot of messages, then you know that trying to find one particular message can be a real challenge. Webmail search helps you easily find the messages you want. You can enter keywords to find messages that contain those words, or you can find your messages even faster, using search operators like the ones below:
    1. from:Amy Messages from Amy
    2. has:attachment Messages that have attachments
    3. subject:dinner Messages that have the word “dinner" in the subject
    4. in:trash movie Messages in Trash that contain the word "movie"
  7. Labels - Webmail doesn't have folders; it has labels instead. Labels are a lot like folders, except that you can add more than one label to a conversation. For instance, if your father sends you a message about traveling to Spain, you could label it with "Family", as well as "Travel". Adding multiple labels to a conversation doesn't mean that you’re making multiple copies of the message. Instead, think of it as putting multiple stickers on a single piece of paper. To add a label, click the Labels drop-down menu and select the check box next to the label(s), or click Create new to add one. You can access all the messages in a label by clicking the label on the left side of your Webmail page.
  8. Archive - Archiving a message takes it out of your inbox, but doesn't delete it. This helps you keep your inbox neat and tidy. Click the Archive button to archive a message. If you want to find an archived message, click All Mail, or search for the message.