Your successful proposal and presentation describe an appropriate learning stretch for your project and essential/supporting questions:


Project Justification:  Using your best writing skills justify why your choice of a topic and essential/supporting questions for the project are in the “Flow” Zone.  Consider in your answer such ideas as prior knowledge, skills, talents, and your personal learning stretch.  Why is this project going to be challenging for YOU?  What skills must you master to achieve it?  Why do you want to accomplish it?  (This exercise will help you in your porposal and in your presentation to the judges where you must justify the stretch you undertook.)


Get in the Zone!


The Groan Zone – This occurs when a project is way above your head, totally beyond you in skill and scope and is far too difficult.  A project of this type would fill you with dread, anxiety and undue stress.  This is not the zone to enter!  Much too big.



The Drone Zone – This occurs when a project is so easy and beneath your skill level that it becomes boring.  There would be no challenge to do it or passion to stay with it in this zone.  This is a zone to fly by for sure!  Much too small.



The Flow Zone – This occurs when a project is challenging but achievable if you stretch to apply your skills, knowledge and desires.  There is a joy to the tasks associated with the project (most of the time…) and so the participant is in the flow of the moment – seeing each aspect as fulfilling and necessary.  Now that’s just right…




“Enjoyable events occur when a person has not only met some prior expectation or satisfied a need or a desire but has gone beyond what he or she has been programmed to do and achieved something unexpected, perhaps even unimagined.”

 – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


From Flow:  The Psychology of OptimalExperience

(used with permission from The Partnership for Dynamic Learning)