If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to check the "Classroom Calendar" link on the left to see what homework was assigned.

Start by accessing your textook online by clicking on the following link www.powergeometry.com

If you need more help, check my webpage of tutorials  Your goal is to catch up on the instruction you missed by visiting the "video-tutorials" section and watching Professor Burger or Ms. Renfro's video(s).

Notice that each chapter's section provides you with tutorials, interactive tutorials, and video-tutorials.  There is also a section where you can practice your skills, assess yourself, and sometimes games are also provided. Be sure to take advantage of these resources!

If you still need help, be sure to make an appointment to come see me as soon as possible!

E-mail me at riesenf@portsmouthschoolsri.org if you have questions or if you need more help, and be sure to get well soon: we miss you!  :-)

NOTE: If you went on vacation during school, you'll need to make sure you take full responsibility for your choice: you'll have to learn this material on your own!