Resources for Families    

Here are some useful websites that share information about learning and how to help your children in school.

                                            This website is a wonderful for parents whose children experience learning, attention, or emotional challenges at school.  The parent toolkit will provide resources and conntect parents to a community for education and support purposes. You can enter your child's struggles and receive instant, research-based tips from leading professionals.

All Kinds of Minds  This tool helps you create a "learner sketch," a profile of what is challenging and helpful for individual students.  All Kinds of Minds has many other resources for all learners.

Information on Leveled Books  What does it mean that your son or daughter is reading at a "D" level?  How can you find good books at the library for your child?  This resource explains reading levels and gives some example titles of books at this level.  

Reviews of Apps and Media This website reviews educational media to provide helpful suggestions on the most educational resources that are also fun for students.