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All Scholarship Applications are summarized below by Date Due.  There is a link to each application in the "Scholarship Information" box for each Scholarship.  Or you may click on the folder "Active Scholarship Applications" below to view all the Scholarships that are still available. 

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This page was last updated on 4/7/2015.
(* denotes items added since last update) 

 Date DueScholarship Information
*4/28/15American Legion Post 18 - American Legion Auxilliary Unit 18 Scholarship
 4/30/15PHS Class of 1979 Memorial Scholarship 
 4/30/15 Tiverton Lions Club 
 4/30/15Little Compton Grange P. of H. No 32 Scholarship
 4/30/15 Seven Castles Club of Newport County, Inc. Scholarship
*4/30/15Newport County Board of REALTORS Scholarship
 5/1/15DLB Goaler Clinic Scholarship or visit DLB Goaler
 5/1/15 Dunkin' Donuts 4-Safety Scholarship or visit 4-Safety
 5/1/15Semco Orthodontics Scholarship or visit
 5/1/15 The Joseph Winthrop Memorial Scholarship
 5/1/15Portsmouth Lions Club 2015 College Scholarship
 5/1/15Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship
*5/1/15Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation (KDMF) Scholarship
*5/1/15KDMF "Make A Difference" Scholarship
*5/1/15KDMF "Nobody's Glory...Everybody's Gain" Scholarship
*5/1/15KDMF "Victim Relief" Scholarship
*5/1/15NEA Portsmouth Scholarship
*5/1/15Paul Sherlock Scholarship
*5/1/15The Student Sage Award - JUNIORS Only
 5/2/15 Colonel Higgins Marine Corp League Scholarship
 5/4/15Newport County Retired Teachers Assocation Scholarhip
*5/7/15Mora E. Brown Hammonds Scholarship Fund
 5/15/15Community Concert Series @ St. Michael's Music Scholarship
 5/15/15Newport Gulls Softball & Baseball Student Athlete Scholarship
 5/15/15NE Counselors of Color Bridging Access to College Scholarship
 5/31/15 Caretenders Scholarship - $500 or view StudentScholarships
 6/15/15 10 Words of Less Scholarship - $500 or view StudentScholarships
 6/15/15 Global Lift Equipment - $500 or view StudentScholarships
 6/30/15 Lift Parts Express Scholarship - $500 or view StudentScholarships
 6/30/15 Lifestyle Denistry Scholarship - $500 or view StudentScholarships
*7/1/15Caroline & David Kaull Family Scholarship
 7/15/15RI Association of Admission Officiers 2015 NE First Year Scholarship

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Name ▲   Size Date
pdf File 2015.03.06_Red_Sox_Service_Scholarship.pdf
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9.94 MB 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.03.15_Dunkin_Donuts_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
123.87 Kb 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.03.24_RI_Society_of_Professional_Engineers.pdf
 Download Now! 
369.58 Kb 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.03.25_Shaw-Worth_Memorial_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
220.08 Kb 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.03.27_James_L._and_Mary_Maher_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
228.96 Kb 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.03.31_Paul_F._Ronci_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
29.59 Kb 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.04.01_Portsmouth_Business_Association.pdf
 Download Now! 
1.23 MB 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.04.02_Peoples_Credit_Union_-_Cooperative_Credit_Union_Association_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
1.58 MB 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.04.10_Miss_Swinburne_Fund.pdf
 Download Now! 
79.13 Kb 04/06/15
pdf File 2015.04.15_Marasco_and_Nesselbush_Brain_Injury_Prevention_Contest.pdf
 Download Now! 
45.99 Kb 04/06/15
pdf File 2015.04.15_Vasco_Da_Gama_Portuguese_-_American_Charitable_Society,_Inc._Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
159.83 Kb 03/31/15
pdf File 2015.04.15__Aquidneck_Island_National_Police_Parade_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
37.15 Kb 03/31/15
pdf File 2015.04.17_2015_A.H._Kits_van_Heyningen_Technology_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
82.55 Kb 03/31/15
pdf File 2015.04.20 Little Compton Scholars for Dollars.pdf
 Download Now! 
36.47 Kb 02/04/15
pdf File 2015.04.20_Dereka_Crosby_Foundation_Grant.pdf
 Download Now! 
19.12 Kb 04/06/15
pdf File 2015.04.20_Dereka_Crosby_Foundation_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
69.57 Kb 04/06/15
pdf File 2015.04.20_Desiree_Mesolella_Art_Scholarship_2015.pdf
 Download Now! 
1.26 MB 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.04.20_Middletown_Youth_Soccer_Club_Educational_Grant.pdf
 Download Now! 
381.44 Kb 04/06/15
pdf File 2015.04.21_Matt_T._Benoit_Memorial_Scholarship_Fund.pdf
 Download Now! 
98.71 Kb 03/08/15
pdf File 2015.04.21_Touro_Synagogue_Foundation.pdf
 Download Now! 
338.93 Kb 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.04.22_2015_Student-View_Scholarship_Program.pdf
 Download Now! 
48.07 Kb 04/06/15
pdf File 2015.04.24_Mosaic_Club_$750.00_Book_Store_Award.pdf
 Download Now! 
1.38 MB 03/01/15
pdf File 2015.04.24_Newport_County_Chamber_of_Commerce_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
201.58 Kb 03/31/15
pdf File 2015.04.24_The_Forum_Lodge-Order_Sons_of_Italy_Anna_M._Ripa_Memorial_Scholarship.pdf
 Download Now! 
36.83 Kb 03/31/15
pdf File 2015.04.24_The_Forum_Lodge_-_Order_Sons_of_Italy_Anna_M._Ripa_Memorial_Scholarship.pdf
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47.04 Kb 03/08/15
pdf File 2015.04.25_Kiwanis_Club_of_Newport_Scholarship.pdf
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80.68 Kb 03/01/15

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