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Please follow these procedures to ensure a very efficient and timely start to the "Hour of Code" activities:

1. Meet your learning center at the usual location.

2. After attendance, depart with your class to your assigned computer lab.

3. Once you have students settled into a seat please instruct the students to log in to the computers. You will have a student or staff helper meet you at the lab.

4. Once students have successfully logged in to the computers, instruct students to open the Google Chrome Browser and navigate to

5. Once students have arrived at the site, students watch the "What Schools Don't Teach" video that appears on the home page. Make sure the volume is on.

6. After watching the video, they should select the "Learn" option at the top of the web page. This will bring the students to the list of self-guided tutorials.

7. Students should select the very first tutorial at the top of the page. Clicking anywhere on the "Angry Birds" banner will start the tutorial.

8. A purple window will pop up and a brief introduction video is supposed to stream play. If the video does not play, the students should click on the green down arrow and the video will quickly download and automatically start playing when the download is complete.

9. After watching the video, the students should begin the tutorial. The tutorial is self-guided and they will complete the steps on their own.

10. When the tutorial is over, students may print their certificate of completion.

11. After collecting the certificate, students may go back to the "Learn" page and select another tutorial of their choice. Students should have enough time to complete two tutorials. If time allows, they may move on to a third.

If you have any questions, please call Liz or Shaun at 2113 or 2112.

These instructions are also uploaded on to the Student Share Drive in the "Hour of Code" folder.

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December 9-15, 2013
The Portsmouth Public Schools are celebrating National Computer Science Education Week. During this week, PHS will participate in the Hour of Code initiative. This is an opportunity for students to learn a little bit about coding and see the exciting possibilities in which they may choose to engage.

All students will have the opportunity to explore coding during their Learning Center during the week of December 9th.

Date  Lab Teacher
12/9 A14 Amaral, E.
12/9 C1 Boswell, A.
12/9 C1 Izzi, L.
12/9 A3 Johnson, K.
12/9 A3 Lefebvre, C.
12/9 H9 Melillo/Lawrence/Academic Support
12/9 H9 Melillo/Lawrence/Academic Support
12/9 A3 Rosander, K.
12/9 C1 Thompson, M.
12/9 F2 Tovello, A.; Murtha, M.
12/10 H9 Angers, T.
12/10 A3 Berberick, G.
12/10 C1 Brandley, N.
12/10 C1 Creese, D.
12/10 F2 Denard, E.
12/10 H9 Hook, K.
12/10 A3 Kasparian, J.
12/10 A3 Lawrence, C.
12/10 A14 Marra, M.
12/10 C1 Noble, A.
12/10 A13 Patterson, E.
12/10 H9 Perry, C.
12/11 C1 Carrara, D.
12/11 A14 Elias, P.; Murtha, M.
12/11 C1 Forgue, R.
12/11 C1 Perry, L.
12/11 A3 Lewia, K.; Vieira, V.
12/11 A3 Rose, J.
12/11 C1 Tisdale, K.
12/11 H9 West, D.
12/12 A13 Grise, D.
12/12 A3 Melillo/Lawrence/Academic Support
12/12 H9 Melillo/Lawrence/Academic Support
12/12 A13 Patterson, E.
12/12 C1 Quinn, J.
12/12 C1 Rausch, Y.
12/12 F2 Reichers, J.
12/12 A14 Travers, B.
12/12 A3 Vaspol, G.
12/12 C1 Viera, M.
12/12 C1 Wierszchalek, A.
12/12 A3 Zabel, L.
12/13 C1 Nicoletti, P.; Fricchione, R.
12/13 A3 Santillo, K.

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Hour Of Code Banner

The hour of code is an awesome opportunity for all Portsmouth High School students to experience the thrill (Yes, THE THRILL!) of computer programming. Stay tuned for when your learning center will be scheduled for this great opportunity!
For more information, contact: Mrs. Patterson in A13 or Mr. Horgan in A12